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Real advice and riveting insights from product leaders, UX experts, top designers + maverick executives.

Janelle Estes co-created this wildly successful podcast with UserTesting CEO Andy Macmillan to keep the conversation around customer-centricity alive and kicking. These two hosts play off each others’ personalities with infectious energy, and draw unexpected viewpoints and ideas from their expert guests.

Among the top 10% of globally streamed podcasts, the Human Insight Podcast is required listening for any leader who builds or contributes to customer experiences within their organization. Every single episode brims with actionable strategies and advice from thought leaders and innovative experts in the realms of  conversion optimization, design, product, research, and more.
Estes and Macmillan want their listeners to walk away from each episode feeling fired-up and eager to apply what they’ve learned about customer needs and the value of human insight. This is a podcast for influential do-ers; business leaders who truly want to put people at the center of their companies.


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Featured Episodes

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Identifying Your Best Fit Customer With April Dunford

This week on the Human Insight podcast, we interview April Dunford, a tech executive, board member, CEO and founder of Ambient Strategy, and author of Obv!ously Awesome: How to Nail Product Positioning so Customers Get It, Buy It, Love It.

In her interview with Janelle Estes, UserTesting’s Chief Insights Officer, Dunford discusses: Is positioning just for startups, how has the pandemic changed the role of positioning, how our biases inhibit our positioning efforts, who should be involved in positioning, the importance of customer feedback in developing your positioning, and how to identify your best fit customers.

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How Video Evokes Empathy With John S. Couch

When John S. Couch started at Hulu as Vice President of UX and Design in January 2016, one of the first things he wanted to do was produce a vision video.

Design is a lot like the parable of the elephant and the blind men, said Couch, author of The Art of Creative Rebellion. In the story, the blind men have never come across an elephant before so each man feels and describes only one part of the elephant, like its trunk or tail—unable to describe the elephant in its entirety. 


In Episode 11 of the Human Insight Podcast, Couch goes on to talk about his career path (such as exaggerating his skill sets to land a job at Wired to the evolution of his role now as a Mr. Wolf—consulting companies on their UX and design problems).

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Why Great Product Teams Adopt a Continuous Discovery Mindset With Teresa Torres

This week on the Human Insight podcast, we interviewed Teresa Torres, author of Continuous Discovery Habits. Teresa teaches a structured and sustainable approach to continuous discovery that helps product teams infuse their daily product decisions with customer input. She’s coached hundreds of teams at companies of all sizes, from early-stage start-ups to global enterprises and has taught over 6,500 product people core discovery skills through the Product Talk Academy.

In her interview with Janelle Estes, UserTesting’s Chief Insights Officer, Teresa discusses: What is continuous discovery? What role does customer input and feedback play in a product manager’s day-to-day life? Who should manage continuous customer feedback? What do we do with those customer insights? How do we align those insights with business goals?

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