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Hard-hitting, no B.S. presentations on tech, CX, and customer insights
Janelle Estes is a globally recognized speaker known for her practical and savvy approach.

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Integrating Customer Empathy into the Product Creation Process

Product development frameworks guide teams, but many fail to integrate authentic and real customer perspectives into process and key decisions. Without this human insight, the risk of product failure is high. In this session, we’ll highlight the critical points where you need to pull customers and we’ll provide practical tips for doing so without delaying your timelines and teams.

Companies invest billions of dollars on data and analytics to learn what their consumers want and expect in the customer experience (CX). Despite having access to these resources, most companies still don’t understand their customers as well as they think they do.

In this webinar, Janelle speaks with Alex Clemente, Managing Director of Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, about how empathy can enhance the customer experience. In the discussion, we talk about: 


  • Why many businesses and consumers are unsatisfied with the current CX

  • Benefits and pitfalls of using internet data as a tool in market research

  • How to get better feedback from customers, and how best to observe consumer behavior

  • The importance of adding a human element to the customer experience

Many companies invest millions of dollars to understand their customers, but they’re still not delivering great experiences. What gives? In this session featured at Saastr Enterprise, Janelle talks with Erica Tjader, VP of Product Design & Research, about what you get with traditional customer measures and big data, what’s missing, and how to gain an authentic and holistic understanding of your customers in order to deliver exceptional experiences.

Scaling Customer Empathy: A Method to the Madness

In the Experience Economy, it has become a company-wide responsibility to be genuinely customer-obsessed—to engage, understand, and learn from customers—to drive better business outcomes. In this session, Janelle reviews a framework that powers organizations to programmatically enable and empower everyone across an organization to build customer empathy. Best practices and case studies are used to guide the session.

Building a Customer-Driven Company: 5 Pillars of Success

Providing a great Customer Experience (CX) is not “nice to have”; if companies want to remain competitive, it’s a requirement. Yet providing a great customer experience is only possible with a robust customer-centric organization. For many companies, this requires a transformation in how they do business. This talk covers the varying levels of CX maturity and the five pillars needed to build a strong customer-centric organization.

Moving from Face-to-Face Feedback to Remote Methods

While working remote is easier than ever before, it does require us to think differently about how we engage with and get feedback from our customers and users. 

There are many benefits to gathering customer feedback remotely—from resource savings to increases in efficiency. In this talk, Janelle reviews best practices for moving from traditional face-to-face feedback approaches to remote and online methods.  

Intro to UX: Conducting Smart User Research (SkillShare course)

Understanding your users' experience — behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions — helps you gain user empathy, see new opportunities for change, and prioritize product improvements. This 45-minute course gives you a straightforward look at how to gain smart, useful feedback about how users experience your product, service, or business.

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